Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers! Below you'll find answers to many of the questions parents have posed to us, and information we just want to share. We've also seperated it by categories, so you don't have to read ALL of our FAQs; simply scroll to the category you're interested in, like camps, or training and check out the Q's and A's. 

General FAQs
What's the difference between 'fitness' and 'basketball' instruction?

Fitness instruction is geared towards those looking for personal training to improve their lifestyle and strength/weight management. (Youth through senior citizens)

Basketball instruction is geared towards performance development ranging from recreational beginners through college and professional players preparing for competition.

Are Team 2Four programs co-ed?

All public programs are co-ed; good fitness and basketball is good fitness and basketball, regardless of gender. If single-ed training is necessary, we recommend scheduling Individual or Group private fitness or basketball instruction.

I want to schedule basketball training or a camp date, but I don't know my summer/fall schedule yet? What do I do?

You can wait until you know your schedule before you register for individual/group training, summer camp, etc. However, camps do fill up as they do have a maximum capacity. Individual/Group training is scheduled based on availability, therefore there is more flexibility. Lastly, our skills clinic and baby basketball classes are on a set weekly schedule. Check the class schedules on their respective pages to see dates/times of the sessions. Generally sessions are weekly/biweekly and run year round.

You can also transfer to another session or another Team 2Four program, if needed, at no extra cost, space permitting. For example, if you paid for camp, but cannot attend, you can use your camp fee for individual training or for skills clinic classes.

I want to register, and so does my teammate from school/AAU, can they come too?

Sure, your teammates can register too! In fact, we typically offer discounts and group rates.  The more teammates that attend camp and classes with you, the more you and your teammates can build team chemistry and learn and grow together. However, don’t wait to register until you convince some teammates to join you, or you may end up losing your spot in the process.

Even if your teammates decide not to attend, you will still meet some other awesome, fun and talented players who you'll be friends with now and after your Team 2Four experience.

What is I can't afford training/classes/camps/etc.?

How much do you want to get better? If your parents can't help pay for your training, don't let that deter you. The great John Wooden said: Do not permit what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. - John Wooden

If you are determined, there are several things you can do to make it happen. Lots of players have done it, myself included. I spent many Saturday mornings selling homemade cinnamon rolls to pay for AAU in front of the Safeway near my house. We hear stories all the time of kids doing ingenious things to get better: do a fundraiser, start a car wash, cut grass, shovel driveways, pick up a part-time job, babysit, garage sales; the possibilities are endless. Work with your teammates, and be even more successful.

Speaking of teammates, don't think you are alone, either. Whether or not your teammates have a similar financial situation or not, teamwork makes the dream work. Set up a team fundraising activity so you all can train together and offset training costs. The more people you work with, the more it legitimizes your cause when you do the fundraiser. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask your school to see if you can get support from your athletic department or boosters, or even the PTA. As the old saying goes, one can only help those that help themselves,..and, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. 🙂
  • Ask for an early Christmas or birthday gift from family and friends
  • Ask an adult to help you seek help from a community organization. There are tons of non-profits that solely exist to help those in need, whatever that need is!
  • Ask an adult to help you ask a local business for sponsorship to to help do a fundraiser to support your cause.
  • Setup a hoop-a-thon or other fundraising activity at your school

One of my former coaches and mentors always said, basketball is only a small portion in the grand scheme of life, but it teaches life lessons that apply in all aspects of life. You learn to compete on the court, so compete off it, too. Don't let financial hardship stop you; find a way, compete! Your circumstances affect your situation, but they don't determine your situation, unless you let them. 

Is training really worth it? Its a lot of time, energy and effort,...

Please read our testimonials first, to get an idea of how others feel about Team 2Four and training. But to answer this question, I will pose two questions/answers:

1. Name some professional basketball players who train/have trainers:

  • Lebron James - Mike Mancias
  • Kevin Durant - Mike Mancias
  • Skylar Diggins - Pat the Roc
  • Kobe Bryant - Tim Grover
  • Derrick Rose - Rob McClanaghan
  • Russell Westbrook - Rob McClanaghan
  • Carmelo Anthony - Idan Ravin
  • Chris Paul - Idan Ravin
  • Gilbert Arena - Idan Ravin
  • Steve Francis - Idan Ravin
  • Elton Brand - Idan Ravin
  • Kevin Garnett - Joe Abunassar
  • Michael Jordan - Tim Grover
  • Charles Barkley - Tim Grover
  • Scottie Pippen - Tim Grover

To name a few......

2. Name some professional basketball players who don't have a trainer and who don't train:

<silence> <crickets> <silence>

Any questions?

Whats the difference between a "camp" and a "clinic"?

Camps are group instruction given over the course of several days to a week or more and typically cover a multitude of areas with basketball and include group activities and games. Clinics are one-day events and typically cover a specific area of development such as skill work (shooting, ballhandling, etc.