Teams & Clubs

We have done the research and created a comprehensive list of teams and clubs that your child can play for, regardless of skill level.


If you are a seasoned basketball parent, then click on the links you need and get rollin! If you have no idea where to start, take a look at the checklists below to determine the teams you are looking for. We have things broken down by AAU and non-AAU. Our more advanced folks are going to go the AAU route. If you're not a die-hard hooper just quite yet, you may want to consider the non-AAU route that has several options:

  • Rec basketball - organized just to play, no commitments to teams, plays and positions. Its just a set schedule of games, to have fun!
  • House Basketball - organized to learn for beginners/intermediate players. One practice a week, with one league game on the weekends.
  • Travel Basketball - organized for intermediate players. Two to three practices a week and one to two games on the weekends, regionally, against other leagues and organizations.

All the organizations with House and Travel teams are under one section and then AAU is under its own section. Pick the competitive level and location that is appropriate for you, and navigate to the appropriate page, via the shiny green button.

Is AAU right for you?

  • Do you:
  • Consider yourself intermediate/advanced?
  • Play(ed) House and Travel basketball already?
  • Work on your skills outside of team practice?
  • Work on your athleticism outside of team practice?
  • Play year-round?
Girls AAU Teams
Boys AAU Teams
Is Rec/House/Travel Basketball Right for you?

  • Are you new to the game?
  • Do you consider yourself beginner/intermediate?
  • Never been to a tryout, or only been to one?
  • Do you know you need to improve your skills but never have, or rarely do, outside of team practice?
  • Do you need to get in better shape, but never have, or rarely do, outside of team practice?
  • Do you play only seasonally?

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