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  • Pavla brings a fresh exciting dynamic to training. She not only motivates, but also educates aspiring players on topics such as nutrition, weight lifting, conditioning and leadership. Any player that enters her training program will go back to their school better than when they came to her. Pavla has raised the bar in modern day basketball training. As a coach I believe there are few trainers that are also role models, Pavla is one of the best kept secrets in northern Virginia, I’m sure it will not be that way for long.

    Reggie BarnesHerndon HS Women’s Varsity Basketball Coach 2006 - 2012

  • My daughter Mackenzie (Mac) spent a week at your camp in Herndon this past summer. She has improved tremendously as a player and I credit your camp with the improvement. Had I known it would had such an impact on her as a player I would have put her in for an additional week or two. This said, Mac would love to go to another clinic. Have you ever considered having a camp or a clinic in Loudoun County?

    I just wanted to let you know that Mac worked hard at your camp, but she was glad she attended because how she developed as a player.

    Scott M.Summer Camp Clinet
  • Thank you for all you are and have done for our daughter Marcy. She has so much confidence and the training you have given her was invaluable. We trust you to continue to be her trainer and help her grow even more and better. Thank you so much and we appreciate you.

    Briget A.Individual Training Client
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  • The Team2Four Program brings a fresh learning perspective both on and off the court to student athlete development combining mental toughness, focused determination and physical strength training to bring out the best in each and every student athlete and prepare them for the challenges of life beyond high school sports.  The program focuses on preparing potential athletes to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready to meet the demanding requirements of most collegiate basketball programs. I would personally recommend Team2Four to any parent who has an athlete who is serious about playing basketball in college.

    Coach Pavla is an amazing woman with unlimited energy, willpower and motivation, who believes in not only what Team2Four can offer student athletes who plan to play at the next level but how it will impact their lives overall during and beyond high school. I was impressed by Coach Pavla’s ability and determination to get the best out of each and every student athlete before, during and after the 18 weeks of training. She provides a patient and understanding view of all that she has accomplished in the world of college basketball, translating it into a well thought out training program which will give the students the best possible start once they have entered a collegiate program. I am personally thankful to Coach Pavla for taking countless hours to answer all of my questions, and talking to my daughter about what her next steps should be and how to achieve her personal goals, to be a leader and to be ready at the college level from day one. As a result my daughter has more discipline, strength and knowledge about what it will take to be all she can be. Coach Pavla has gone above and beyond my expectations for the program, and I will be signing my daughter up again this upcoming summer.

    Keep up the good work.

    Lisa, Alexandria VAHigh School Offseason Program and Skills Clinic client
  • Team 2Four is an awesome high school off season basketball program in which our daughter, Brianna, participated last summer.  Since she had never participated in this type of program, we were not sure what to expect from the program or what the results would be for our daughter who was entering the tenth grade.  What we got was a committed and dedicated trainer who really cared about the individual growth and development of our daughter, a rigorous summer basketball program that included conditioning and skills training/development, and constructive feedback from the trainer that allowed us to work together to ensure our daughter was achieving her personal goals.  We have seen results both on and off the basketball court.  On the court, Brianna plays with much more confidence than we have previously seen.  She is not afraid to put into practice what she learned this past summer and she will take on anyone on the court.  She is a well-respected leader on her team.  Off the court, Brianna is much more focused on her diet in order to maintain the physical conditioning she learned about and achieved during the Team 2Four program.  She also has a different, more serious attitude about the game of basketball.

    We are extremely satisfied with the Team 2Four program.  We have recommended the program to other teammates not only on Brianna's team, but on our younger daughter's county select team as well.

    Joyce and Rinaldi, Alexandria, VA High School Offseason Program and Skills Clinic clients
  • As a parent, the enjoyment of watching your child compete athletically is special.  My daughter joining Team2Four has enabled her to play basketball with all the right skills.  Pavla focuses on the whole child and reinforces very important life skills such as nutrition, rest, focus, determination and responsibility.  Basketball skills are developed individually based on my daughters ability and progress at any given time.  In addition, Pavla communicates with my child as a trusted resource to help her work through the highs and lows of athletic competition.  For me and my daughter, when she walks on the court, she well prepared to compete and has shown a tremendous amount of progress in pursuit of her goal to play at the college level.

    Reggie, Alexandria, VAIndividual Training and Skills Clinic client
  • Pavla Pletkova is an incredible trainer and a lifelong mentor to my daughter. Pavla doesn't just teach basketball skills but develops the individual person. My daughter in eight short months went from being shy and self-confident to challenging herself to be a better person, being more responsible in her every life and tremendous improvement in self-confidence. Pavla is extremely patient and nurtures the bond with her pupils that allow the child to shine. She creates a balance between the capabilities and the expectations of the child so they don't feel overwhelmed. She’s energetic, creative, and fun and overall a great person. I consider her family and very happy to be a part of the Team2four family.

    I, like most parents desire my child to be successful in anything they pursue. When my 7th grade daughter came to me and said she wanted to make her 8th grade school basketball team after not successfully making the team two years in a row I wanted to increase her chances by getting her a personal trainer. Team2four has been a blessing to my daughter and a huge impact in my daughters’ life. I was recommended to Team2four by a family member and I am very happy we joined the Team2Four family. The program is very simple, no tricks or gimmicks. I scheduled an evaluation with the head trainer Pavla Pletkova. During the evaluation which she kept detailed notes and recorded she walked my daughter through a series of exercises and routines to gauge skill level. Initially my daughter was shy but Pavla participated so it didn’t seem like an evaluation and encouraged her to relax and be herself. Shortly afterwards she provided feedback on the evaluation along with the video and our options moving forward. She’s very straightforward about what it’s going to take and made me feel comfortable about how the program works. From there we scheduled a weekly appointment at a local facility for one-on-one training. When we first started my daughter could barely jump rope or shoot a ball properly; not only has her overall game improved but she’s more athletic and averaging points during every game. When our AAU schedule got hectic we were able to switch over to the clinics she offered which allowed her to do group training. The program consists of workouts/exercise, food & nutrition as well as gaining knowledge through reading. Since beginning eight short months ago with Team2Four my daughter placed on 2 AAU teams and successfully landed on her 8th grade Varsity team.

    Overall my experience with Team2Four has been superb. The trainer schedules are flexible with affordable payment options. My daughter has been with Team2Four for almost a year and we plan to continue through her high school career. Anyone can take your money and promise you a super star in six months or less but if you want a group of trainers who are honest and really care about your child’s growth both physically and mentally, then Team2Four is for you.

    Linnet, Gainesville, VAIndividual Training and Skills Clinic client
  • Pavla is a great trainer, well organized and prepared! She teaches tough, but age and skill-level appropriate drills, and is very supportive of the kids and their overall athletic development. I would highly recommend her to any basketball player looking to step up his/her level of play.

    Eva Novak, Falls Church, VASkills Clinic Client

  • As a basketball player, Team 2Four has refined my ball handling skills, improved my defensive footwork, and has strengthened all aspects of my athleticism and strength. Additionally, Team 2Four has helped me refine my shot by increasing the range and improving upon my shooting mechanics. Moreover, this program has taught me about the game itself and how to make smart decisions on the court. In doing so, the Team 2Four program has instilled a perseverant work ethic within me, along with a strong competitive spirit, and has helped me strengthen my mental toughness and basketball IQ as a point guard. Over the years, Miss Pavla has supported me in all things basketball by attending games, helping me nurse injuries back to health, always being available as both a coach and mentor, and is currently assisting me in fulfilling my goal of being a collegiate athlete.

    Having been a part of the Team 2Four family for three years, I can personally verify that it produces results. The off season training program prepared me for high school basketball, where I made and started Varsity as a freshman. I carried this success over to AAU, where Team 2Four prepared me to compete at the National level in various showcase tournaments across the country, from South Carolina to Chicago. This year, as a Junior and Captain of the Varsity team at my school, Team 2Four continues to help me refine my skills and strengthen my athleticism, along with assisting me in taking the necessary steps to achieve my goal of playing college basketball.

    Morgan, Alexandria, VAIndividual Training and Skills Clinic client
  • Team2Four was a lot of work but it paid off in the long run. I had a game recently, and my coaches were just astounded with my progress. I learned a lot of ball handling, basketball skills, and many life lessons. If you really want a trainer to push you hard, but still have a genuine relationship with, Ms. Pavla is the person you are looking for. When you leave the off season program, you are not leaving the stuff you learned behind, you are just going on your own to exploit the things you learned. Ms. Pavla will also check on you after the program to see what she can do better for the program, and give feedback on what you can improve in a live game situation. Indefinitely, you get to know really good people who love you and support you through your journey as an aspiring basketball player.

    Brianna, Alexandria, VAHSOS and Clinic 12+ client
  • The high school off season program with Team 2Four is a great way to prepare a high school athlete for the next level of basketball. Four days out the week athletes will condition and strengthen their bodies and most importantly their minds. The offseason high school program prepared me for my career as a college athlete. While I was in high school and I did the program, it put me ahead of my competition, and gave me the edge I needed to be a better player. Now that I am in college I can truly see a difference between me and other freshman who did not have the opportunity to experience pre-college workouts. This put me on the right path to success on and off the basketball court.

    Team 2Four's high school offseason program put me in a better position to be successful on and off the court. Because of the high school offseason program I understand how I must eat if I want to perform at my best consistently. I developed a strong body and mind after I finished my third year doing the high school offseason program. I worked hard to greatly improve my athleticism and mental toughness. I learned what college coaches look for in players and how to get on their radar.

    After I finished the offseason program, I was able to see the progress of my athleticism from the beginning of the program to the end. I became faster and stronger than I was before. After the program ended, I had much more confidence with my basketball skills than I college with a positive and enthusiastic attitude about basketball.

    Christina, Sterling, VAHigh School Offseason Program, Individual Training, Skills Clinic client
  • I have played county select and AAU basketball. For the past 6 months, I have also trained one night a week with Coach Pavla. After every practice, she gives us homework for the following week, like shooting or dribbling drills, running or exercises.  She also coaches us on good nutrition.  Her coaching has improved every part of my game – shooting, dribbling, running, jumping, passing, and agility. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, and I would recommend her clinic for anyone who wants to improve their basketball skills.

    Katieage 13